Alfie’s New Friends

Alfie is a very special Campervan. He started out his life as a 7-passenger van in Japan and was imported into the UK as a used vehicle. This is becoming quite popular as the Japanese cars are usually very well taken care of, have low mileage and are much more affordable to similar vehicles made for the European market. The Japanese also drive on the left, and most of their cars are automatic which suits more and more people in the UK. Some people keep them as family passenger vans and some people have them converted to a Campervan, as I’ve done.

I had Alfie converted on the Isle of Wight and recently a couple who live near me in Reading contacted me as they’ve also had one converted at the same place and since we’re almost neighbours it was suggested that we meet each other. So today Alan and Susan came to see me, and we compared notes and shared ideas about camping and places to go. Alfie’s new friend is 2 years younger than he is and there are subtle differences between the two in the body design.

It was a fun visit. I hope they enjoy their camper as much as I’ve enjoyed my trips with Alfie!

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