If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Rutter Falls.

 A very slow start after being up until well past midnight watching Lewis Hamilton clinch the F1 world championship.    Clickychick went into town shopping and I sent a few emails.

After lunch CC suggested having a look at Rutter Falls in the hope of getting some autumn colour.  It was a bright sunny afternoon, but the snag was the sun was shining directly towards us.  Fortunately the trees blocked the sun.  I had made a discovery about my poorly sick DSLR.  If I changed then lens or even took the lens off and put it back it solved the problem.

The river had very little water in which is a good thing as I am having to go back tomorrow to retrieve (or try to) the quick release plate from my tripod.  Fumble fingers dropped it off the foot bridge.  I can clearly see it but I suspect it will be over welly depth.  I will be taking my recovery magnet used on out boat trips.

We rounded a pleasant afternoon off with a trip to Orton and coffee in the "Chocolate factory".

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