If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Fun on the pool.

If the weather is at all reasonable the kids like to get out into one of Sheffield's many parks.  Millhouses is the current favourite.  One of the things which always interests me is the boating on the pool boating lake.    No matter when we visit there always seems to be somebody with a model boat, sial or powered.  Yesterday it was a beautiful scale model of a lugger to day the emphasis was on speed.  The plume of water attracted me so I tried to capture the effect, but with a 30 cm (1ft) model tearing along it wasn't easy getting focus.

The other "event" of the day was carving one of the two pumpkins.  Granddad did the unskilled work of removing the top and insides before handing over to Grannie who is much more careful.  E had chosen a happy design.

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