If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Every picture tells a story.

And this one certainly has a story to tell.  Back in 1961 my Mum was working at Whitehaven hospital.   This entailed a fairly early start and a train journey.   As she left the house one day she picked a flower.  One of the office staff was a patient on one of the wards and she liked to paint to fill the time.  So the flower was carried carefully on the 20 odd mile train trip and the short bus ride to the hospital and given to Freda.  When she had painted it she gave the sketch to Mum, who brought it home and framed it.

Fast forward to 1975 when I started going out with a girl in Penrith.  Penrith is 45 miles from Whitehaven at the other side of the county.  Well it turned out she was from Whitehaven.  When I introduced her to the family Mum looked at her and said "You'll be Freda H's girl, you were so high when I last saw you".  The rest as they say is history.

When we broke up the family home after Dad died and Mum came to live with us of course the picture came as well.

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