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Eating its lunch

Cold and damp today with some showers, it rained slightly when I walked to the village but was cold rather than wet. Before going out and deciding it was time for my winter coat, I spent quite a lot of time looking for the “green” winter coat that I purchased last year. When I eventually found it I remembered that it was “burgundy”, not green! My new green hat does not match it so I will have to look for another hat.
Today’s picture is of one of our Fallow Deer eating windfalls for lunch. I have also included two extra pictures, which were taken yesterday. We do get quite a lot of male Reeves Muntjacs with small antlers, but It is rare for us to see male Fallow Deer with antlers, but last night one came to visit. 

No reply yet from the managing director of Premier Kitchens or any of his other staff, but I remain hopeful, cold, but hopeful.

Update: My email to the managing director clearly had the desired effect. The gas fitter is coming tomorrow to install the boiler and on Monday 5 November they will start installing the kitchen. 

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