Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR


The day has run away with me - I spent the morning staying in waiting for the boiler technician to come as the boiler was flashing up an error code. He managed to fix it very easily, and kindly left me another spare part (it was the sensor filter) in case it happens again in time as the filter gets blocked. By the time he left it was lunch time, so Murdoch only got his walk after lunch today.

As I knew I had to stay in I decided to start my next photo book - I recently completed two books, but still have two more to do. I got stuck in today and managed to complete the next book - it is an extra big book consisting of 46 pages with about 5-6 images on each page, so it took me all day. When I lifted my head it was dark outside...I really don't like it when the clocks go back, it's a shock to realise how early it gets dark now.  I always use Cewe Books as I find them so intuitive to use and I see they have just won an award for the best photo books.

I had better go start supper as Gavin and I are going to see Bohemian Rhapsody tonight. We are lucky as we have an Everyman Cinema near us and they have transformed the whole cinema experience - comfortable sofas to sit on and food and drinks served to you in the theatre. It's hard to see a movie anywhere else now!

I spotted these little berries when I was out walking Murdoch - I am surprised to still see blackberries around at this time of year.

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