Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Tick Tock...

I am now just hours from leaving and have finally packed.  Ended up switching to a larger pullman to check as I just couldn't fit everything in the smaller.  Not surprisingly, the smallest volume is clothing.  But I wanted to pack my camera backback, a dry bag, hiking boots, tripod, ... and well, you get the idea.  The clothes are almost an afterthought.

In between the running up and down the stairs umpteen times, I darted out to take a quick photo for today's blip.  Thankfully, one of the recently arrived Dark-eyed Junco's accommodated me by perching up on a lovely curved branch.  Usually these little winter sparrows forage on the ground so nice to get this one up in a tree, and at eye level.  Blip done.

I just heard from one of my blip-mates who is already in CR that she saw her first sloth this morning - she's over the moon!

Next stop - Costa Rica.  Have no idea how the internet will be at our various lodges in the jungle but am hoping to post a blip daily.  If not, I'll back blip when I can.  

Thanks for stopping by and hasta luego!


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