Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Cardinal Redux

Not only another cardinal blip, but the very same individual I posted yesterday.  It was very hard to resist this shot of him sitting in the cherry tree surrounded with such vivid colors.  I actually had to reduce the saturation on the original image a bit as it didn't look real.  It was drizzling all day, which makes for the most amazingly saturated colors in photos. The hide was put to good use this morning, once again.

There were also somewhere between 75-100 cedar waxwings in the trees all around our property - I could hear them calling to each other and occasionally a flock of 20 or 30 birds would whoosh off into the sky, only to return a few moments later.  They were staying up very high in the trees today so not good for photos, but a magical experience none-the-less.

Hubs and I went to the gym today - weights for both of us.  Tomorrow I'm taking a day off after  straight days.  Besides, tomorrow is Hubs' birthday so I want to take him out for lunch.  

Temps today are in the low 70's which is freakishly warm for Halloween.  Tomorrow, however, the high will only be about 50, so back to normal fall weather.  And, tomorrow night we will probably have our first frost.  Goodbye zinnias...


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