Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Feeling Poorly

I've learned over the years to know that sometimes a puffed up bird is a sick or injured bird.  There is a certain look about them, about they way they feed, the way they move.  Such was the case when I spotted this Purple Finch in the garden.  She was twice her normal size and foraging on the ground which isn't typical for the species.  I tried to catch her, but she's not feeling quite so bad that she can't fly.  If she is around tomorrow I will try again.  If I can get her to rehab, she may be okay.  If not...well, then nature will run its course.  

I don't normally ever post sick or injured creatures but thought I'd make an exception for her because...well, she's beautiful and I think she deserves this moment.  My only other photo today was a really nice one of a Pine Siskin on a vine of Asian bittersweet - you can see it HERE

You may have guessed that I'm not feeling myself today.  I am definitely feeling the strain of this year - the virus, the elections, the social discord, everything. Even the simplest things feel like an effort.  I almost didn't even pick up my camera today - that's not like me at all.  But tomorrow will be another day.  And it will be my beloved husband's birthday, which will be cause for a little celebration.  In fact, I'm going to make a meaty, thick ragu sauce and homemade garlic bread (baked with the whole cloves of garlic in the dough).   

I hope you are staying safe and sane, wherever in the world you are.  To my friends in the UK, be especially careful, please.  And to my fellow Americans...oh, I'm not even sure what to say.  99,000 positive cases yesterday...


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