Scotsdales Polar Bears

My husband had an Addenbrookes appointment this morning; it was an hour-long group hand therapy session to make sure that his thumb is fully mobile again. I sat on the concourse, drank fruit tea and did my crochet.
Then we went to Scotsdales Garden Centre for lunch, before coming home. I bought the Christmas crackers, which I take to my daughter’s for Christmas day as well as some gluten free mince pies and shortbread.
Today’s picture is of the Polar Bears. Christmas at Scotsdales would not be complete without them. It is almost impossible to get far enough back to include the full display.
Last night, one of the apprentices left on the 1943 hours train to London, the gas fitter and the other apprentice left just before 2000 hours. They did a brilliant job, ate lunch on the run and made sure that everything was working correctly before leaving. They drained two tanks in the loft, which were no longer needed and removed them. They also noticed that the remaining tank, which needs to stay had a small leak, so they fixed that too. They can do my plumbing anytime they like. The house very soon warmed, was lovely and warm this morning and when we arrived home this afternoon. Now all we need is the kitchen to be fitted; next week. 
The weather has been horrendous all day and we almost went on the train, but because it was raining we decided that there was little point in going into Cambridge after his appointment. Unfortunately there had been a very bad accident at Flint’s Cross and although we do not go that way there were long tailbacks. Fortunately I always allow extra time so he was not late for his appointment.

Update 1630 hours: The kitchen fitter has just telephoned, he wants to start tomorrow instead of Monday, of course I said Yes.

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