Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Friday afternoon drive

Today has seen the curtains for three large windows washed, ironed, and ironed. All before 7pm; in fact, they would have all been done by 3pm had we not ventured out for a drive - which is where all my pictures are from today.

We drove towards the Big Red for the first time in AGES. I was surprised to see it void of any 4WD's doing their usual weekend thing of trying to conquer it. I soon found out why. They have moved on to a quieter, unmarked road and are doing their antics there - en masse (see extra). 
In fact, it was actually quite dangerous being on these roads with more than one occasion when another vehicle was heading right at us.

As you can see, there was sand blowing everywhere. Visibility was pretty poor. I was falling asleep after a big lunch, so G took over the driving and I took the pictures this time. :)

As for my main image, it was Flag Day yesterday, a new thing they started to mark in 2013 (I have to get used to it still). They had a little event in G's school, so it was cool to drive on this road (the E55) and see that they were marking it out in the sticks as well. We happened to pass by the Offroad History Museum - something to check out on another day!

There was one set of curtains left to do, so I took them down to our laundry and they said they'd have then back to me by 9am tomorrow - washed and ironed. :)

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