Wanderings & Witterings

By IvarBlipS


A trip up to Dundee on Friday, but not to visit the V&A.

Scotland's sunniest city certainly lived up to its name, as there were clear blue skies overhead when I arrived. Was only in the city for a couple of hours, but my journey home was somewhat longer. My train back to Stirling (which seemed to be doubling up as a Prosecco and gin bar given the amount of the stuff being guzzled at just about every table) only made it as far as Perth. Driver rostering issues meant it couldn't proceed beyond that.

I reckoned that the next train to Stirling in an hour's time would be somewhat oversubscribed, so decided to have a wander around Perth for a short while and catch the bus back instead. Wise move. I had a seat as well as an party-free, comfortable and quick journey back. But then had another delay as my local bus from Stirling had a headlight failure and we had to make a detour via the Bannockburn depot to change buses.

In the end I got home about two hours later than planned, but in the grand scheme of things it was a minor inconvenience. A trip to sunny Dundee became a day out instead.

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