Everyday Life

By Julez

Vintage Bus

I had a lie-in and a leisurely start to the day. I have had a potter into town, where I noticed that there were some geeky looking guys with big cameras. I hung around, not wanting to miss an opportunity, and was very quickly rewarded when this vintage bus turned up! 

It turns out that today is the Transport Museum's last open day of the year. One of the guys was very happy, as not only is he a bus enthusiast, he lived on The Willows estate, which is in Grimsby, in his youth, and could remember travelling on this very bus! 

I may also have treated myself to a cosy jumper in M&S too, whilst in town, and had a delicious almond latte and croissant in a cafe! The guy who made my drink was a trainee barista and declared that this (see extra!) was the best he'd made so far! I agreed it looked wonderful, and said I would photograph it. He seemed happy to see me break out a "proper" camera for the task, rather than taking a shot on my phone! That made me happy that my phone was home on charge!

Going to watch the second Rugby League international this afternoon. Brian is birding so I'll wait until he's home and watch that with him. Maybe I will also get a "sleep-on-the-lap" from Minstrel!

In other news, the other day I got round to renewing my Blip subscription for another year!

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