We went out straight after church to find some dereliction - I had seen this a few weeks ago, but as it wasn’t pink, it had to be put “on the back burner”  until another day.

Today was the day so here is a derelict garage quite near to where we live - it is rather dilapidated and I daresay the doors would fall off if they were opened.  If you look closely you will see that to the right there is a scarecrow - because this is part of a small-holding.  Not sure how much this keeps the birds away, but at least the old guy who lives here has tried - working on his patch of land probably takes all of his time, so he doesn't have time to repair his garage doors!  

We are away for a few days with no internet access - and we are actually looking forward to it - although there is apparently, a 4G booster on the roof of the boathouse where we are staying - so I may be able to post a Blip, but probably won’t be commenting much - I just hope that doesn’t mean I have to clamber on to the roof every time I need to post my Blip!  

The car will be loaded with food, books, jigsaw puzzles, my Canon camera and manual - hoping to learn more about it - and there is a wood burning stove, so I will be happy to stay in the warm and enjoy that.  We will be on the edge of a lake so hoping to see some wildlife too.

Today I am grateful for:

1.  Being able to worship in freedom
2.  Good friends at church
3.  A considerate husband who mutes the sound on the TV whilst watching football!

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