Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

No more walls

I drove G to work today after what seems like AGES! It was fun, although, we left a bit too late, so I had to drive through a toll gate. It was bright and clear, so I swung past the beach before heading to my coffee shop.

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the boundary wall of the park opposite the beach was being demolished. The work is finished now and it is making a really big, and positive difference. There is now a very nice area of green for families to enjoy which they can access without passing through a gate. My blip is from the North wall, looking South.

The big thing today was getting a haircut. I've only needed it for about two and a half weeks. Finished now and I am good for another six weeks. G & I then had shawarmas for lunch, sat by the seaside. It was very pleasant!

I finally wrote out the outline of the story of my life in Dubai for our website. My nephew is going to make it into an infographic. Should be interesting to see what he does.

And lastly, our hostess at our Life Group made beef stew today. It was delicious. To add to it, G baked a banana cake in the afternoon, and another person in the group who is a Chef brought some dessert goodies. I have to seriously think of going on a diet.

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