Feeling  better today - not so tired and no tummy troubles.  Went to my Fitness Class this afternoon.  Busy today - 14 of us turned up.  I enjoyed it as usual. 

Afterwards I went on the hunt for a blip shot.  The Mono Monday theme is FAR and I wanted to take a shot of the view across from my village on the South side of the River Tyne across to Newcastle on the North side.  I knew there was a good view from the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin so I headed for there.   I moved around to different spots to try and get a good shot and in the end I went just outside the churchyard and took my shot looking down Park Drive and across  the river to the outskirts of Newcastle.  I think its possibly Benwell or Elswick in the distance.  It was very foggy so the photo isn't the best.  Thanks to 60plus for hosting Mono Monday in November.

Park Drive is very near to where I used to live when I was a child  - just out of shot to the right. I decided to take a photo of the house on my phone to put on Instagram.  Then it snowballed and I started taking lots of photos in the churchyard, of the church, the Church green, Front Street, the sports club - and more on my route home.  I'm always seeing photos on Instagram of where other folk live and realised that I never seem to post shots of where I live.  It was fun taking the photos- and it helped my step count.

I did some food shopping in Tesco before heading home.  I went " the back way " through the allotments and when I came through the gate into my back garden I was greeted by my neighbours cat Fluffy ( real name - Cheeky ).  You can see her in my Extras. As usual I gave her a bite to eat. 

I had intended going out again to the newsagent to collect the parcel which was taken there by UPS. However I made the mistake of sitting down on the sofa  - and then couldn't be bothered to get up and go out.

No Slimming Club this evening - still need to get a few more pounds off before I show my face.  I do keep everyone in the Group advised of my progress on Facebook - where I can also see how the others are getting on.

Steps today - 11,345

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