A morning walk in the park.

There is still a lot of colour to be seen on the trees. The oak and beech have not quite dropped all their foliage. 
I love the smell of damp vegetation alongside the paths. 
It was an antidote to two very frustrating days trying to sort out a problem with my mobile phone. 
Too long a story to relate and not worth the telling! 
   It apparently locked itself on to another network when we were in Texas! Now it has gone away to be repaired! 
Hilarious really. What did we do without mobile phones!
 I haven't really missed it today oddly enough. 
 I have a laptop and we have the landline. 
    I still remember when hubby and I wrote to each other every day when he was at University in Cambridge. 
I was in my first year of teaching. My parents did not have a telephone then and I had to use the call box in the avenue round the corner to ring him. 
We had to decide on a time as other people at Uni also wanted to use the public phone on campus. 
 Sometimes we did not coincide as the box at my end could be occupied at the time we were going to make our call.  
   So many people outside today seem to be permanently attached to a phone. 
I enjoyed the quiet in the park. 
Somehow, there are far more things going on in the world that put one kaput mobile into perspective. 
       It is the voting in the American midterms today, and there has not been such a turn out for years! We are following it with bated breath! 

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