Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Focusing on remembrance

This is a part of the special corner of Remembrance in Holy Trinity Dunoon. The rest of it is above, in the shape of more of these knitted poppies around the pulpit, but I've chosen this photo because of the reflections in the mirror behind the candle. It seems appropriate that there is a crucifix there, adding to the layers of significance already present in the arrangement. It's been put up early to be visible during the concert we're hosting on Thursday, when Voskresenije, the Russian choir we've been hosting since 2002, return - that's why I was in church today, dragging chairs around, removing hassocks (they interfere with the acoustic as well as getting in the way) and jamming recalcitrant candles into ancient, ramshackle candle-holders . All will be well ...

My extra photo is of two major buildings in the town centre - St John's Church and the recently renovated Borough Hall. For some reason, despite the fact that I see them every day in life, they struck me today as being rather handsome.

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