Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Russet hillside

Dunoon lies in the hollow of the surrounding hills, which since we arrived here 45 years ago have become increasingly forested. This year, there is a great deal of work going on to remove diseased larch trees, and sections of the forestry tracks on which we usually access the area are closed to walkers while this goes on. However, my pal and I found a peaceful area to snatch a morning walk before the rain arrived, and spent much of the time exclaiming as one golden vista after another revealed itself. This, I think, was my favourite.

The afternoon has been consumed by a visit from The Gas Man. We have an annual service, and this was the day chosen. What has usually been a simple matter of a bit of a hoovering round, replacing coals and lighting smoke bombs has turned into a marathon with the discovery of a large lump of plaster which had fallen into the hearth behind the fire (I'm sure he never used to take it right out of its place) and the necessary repairs. 

So we ate our lunch standing up in the kitchen and I've spent the afternoon hiding working in the study. He's going to return tomorrow to check the other (much older) fire. I'm not even sure if he's gone yet - I think I can still hear voices. I'd better go and show willing ...

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