By mindful_life

Broken bow

Frustratingly this happened to my bow last week and because I have been away I haven’t been able to get it sorted! I telephoned the shop I got in from and they asked me to send a photo. I sent them this and they assured me it can be fixed - so in the meantime they have sent me a replacement so I can practice! I was worrying because I have my first performance in many years coming up in a few weeks!

Anyway. Work ended up being very productive today. I chatted to my colleague and we cleared the air. It transpires that she realised she had upset me before I was away and that was why there was awkwardness when I came back. She is struggling with how to delegate things and I think she just over thinks things. I told her that I thought she needed just to be normal with me and that I will try and have thicker skin! So we have put it behind us and have agreed to move on. Phew!

My son had swimming in the evening and I sat with my friend and chatted and knitted whilst she crocheted and had a good catch up! She gave me one of the crocheted poppies she made which is very beautiful xx

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