Slater's Bridge

Today's destination for Blippers' week was Little Langdale for Slater's Bridge and Cathedral Quarry. The weather held out quite well until lunchtime and then the forecast rain came in and we headed up the hill to the quarry. It was a lot busier than when I've been there before with lots of groups of youngsters coming through in school parties and then we were treated to a group of walkers who stopped and filled the cavern with choral music. It was quite lovely for the first twenty minutes but after that I started to wish I had a tuppenny banger to light and throw amidst them.

Our final destination was Baldry's Tea Shop in Grasmere and back to base after a quick visit to the gingerbread shop.

It's been a great workshop and we'll be going our separate ways tomorrow. I'll be staying in the lakes for a few more days. So hopefully there'll be a few more of these blips from me.

Thank you for more stars, comments and hearts that you're so kindly putting on my journal. I'll be getting round to the thanks soon. Don't forget you can see all the LPH Blipper's Week group's photos by clicking the tag lphblip18 below.

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