Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Duty done

2nd day of Jury duty today. Yesterday 100 of us answered a questionaire for a (I think very nasty) sex offender trial that might last 4 weeks. I figured they wouldn't really want an old lady but who knows? Mid morning the judge himself came in to the assembly room to announce that this case had just been resolved!!! He assured us that there would have been a 12 person jury chosen from that pool and we had done our duty being prepared to serve (do we have a choice?) as our "founding fathers had risked their lives for this freedom in this country for trial by jury" etc etc etc. :-) Of course we all conjured up our creative scenarios for what the trial might have been (some guy decided he didn't want a jury deciding his fate, and confessed???) And then before noon we were released. Duty done. Free afternoon. I went to the Seattle Art Museum and enjoyed some more parts of the Elles show Fell in love with Dora Maar's surreal photos from the 30s. collages really. And some of the other women I didn't know who used photos and WORDS (sound like blip?)

2 years ago I also had jury duty with a short trial and blipped this courthouse with it's amazing new artwork which I really enjoyed seeing again.. so I'm not going to repeat it but here are 3 blips from then and first a website of the art.

the courthouse the little niche there is the blip for today.(ipad version. Tried to straighten it but it got weird...)

Artist Linda Beaumont's etched floors..

Artist Douglas Cooper's charcoal drawings

A nice day. I'm inspired by lots of art. (and relieved I have my next 4 weeks back....) Tomorrow: life as usual

Also I've started a flickr set of downtown Seattle. with these 7.

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