Probably the last one this year.

I telephoned Premier Kitchens this morning to ask when they would be coming to connect the gas hob. As usual I had to leave a message, but they did return my call within the hour. They will let me know when they have arranged for the gas fitter to visit.
Then I have been sorting out some of the kitchen, cleaning and deciding where things should go. I still have a lot more things to move and will do it gradually over the coming days as marking has to take priority. Having said that I am out on Saturday and Monday, so will have to work on Sunday and Tuesday to catch up.
I have moved the steamer, Forman grill, slow cooker and my Bamix mixer, which has made room in the conservatory for my plants, which were all over the place, including being placed on the floor. The orchids have been neglected, but one of them has two flower stems on it, so hopefully that one at least will be okay. I am very pleased with the dishwasher; a great improvement on the old one and it is a full sized one. I have all the guarantees to register for the appliances as well as registering the kitchen as it has a fifteen-year warranty. So much to do in the next few days, but no doubt I shall get everything done.

Victoria visited this afternoon after her exam, which she felt went okay. She did not stay long, but played with my dishwasher setting it up; I could have done it, but clearly she wanted to play.

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