Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Male Pheasant

The kitchen is finished; well almost! Two of the cupboard doors are not the right size, but have been made to fit for now, until two new ones are made. The gas hob still has to be connected as this has to be done by a qualified gas fitter and he should give me a certificate.
I spent the morning marking student’s scripts and the afternoon, cleaning and vacuuming. There is still a lot to do and I also need to put everything in the new cupboards. Some cupboards I cannot use until the hob is connected and the cupboard waiting for the new doors, needs to be left empty for now.
Today’s picture is of a male pheasant, the first one I have seen for a very long time, so this must be James. It is not the best picture, but at least it is a different kind of wildlife in my garden again. 

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