Silly Saturday

This is very silly: I thought Halloween was finished, but it seems there's still some ghouls driving about in small white vans. At least there are if this van's anything to go by: it was parked outside our house this morning. Getting a good photo was tricky, I used a polarising filter to get rid of the reflection of the sky but couldn't get rid of the reflection of the nearby trees. But I'm sure you get the gist and in some ways I guess you could say that the reflected branches and the fallen leaves somehow add to the effect.

In fact, I've blipped this very van before, for Tiny Tuesday; it seems to park here from time to time - it's the blipper bipper van.

There's also some follow-up on our giant marrow which I blipped for Wide Wednesday recently: I finally got round to harvesting it today and found it weighed 10 lb! (that's about 4.5 Kg for anyone born after about 1970). So my Editor and I had stuffed marrow bake for our meal this evening (very tasty) and there's still loads left to make soup with.

Many thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday.

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