By mindful_life

Silly Saturday? it has been a Fun Saturday

So today marked day one when on my own for a week with the children while my husband is away. I am used to him being away for 3-4 days a week as he has done so for 10 years but it is a whole week and my mum is also away, who helps me a lot.

The day normally starts with an early swim but because of the presentation evening last night there was no session.  I took my son to football (normally my husband does so) and I stayed to watch. Normally my daughter has gymnastics but that was also cancelled- a blessing in disguise! so they both played and I took the opportunity to walk around and took some photographs. 

The top right is a photo of the school pond - my son talks a lot about this as they had class tadpoles last year and being the animal enthusiast he is, he was in charge of releasing the frogs into the pond. 

The bottom left is a photograph I took in the "woodland walk". I haven't seen this arrangement before but it looked like a bonfire to me. I asked the children about it but they told me it was a tent! 

The top left is a photo of the tyres on the field which remind me of liquorice allsorts and therefore thought it would fit for silly Saturday! 

Afterwards I arranged for my daughter's friend to come and play, with her mum who is a friend, so I made a chocolate cake - my daughter insisted on the sprinkles and it went down very well!! 

This evening, because it was just the three of us, we went to the Harvester for dinner and for dessert they had a "build your own sundae" - another opportunity for my silly Saturday photo!! 

So, success - day one done! 6 more to go!!

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