Colourful Windows

Monday morning  - and I wasn’t relishing the thought of going to work.  The impossible stuff I had had to leave on Thursday afternoon was still hanging around, but at least a senior manager understnads that there is no easy answer without people being unhappy – very unhappy!  My line manager phoned in sick and we don’t expect to see her for a  couple of weeks.

In recognition of how hard things are at the moment, we had a couple of “war cabinet” meetings.  Thankfully the issues are being recognised, but goodness knows what will happen next.

I was so glad to leave this evening after another day of barely getting away from my desk.  And in other news, I have at last offloaded a voluntary position for an organisation which we are no longer involved with.  In some ways I was happy to keep helping out, but I just haven’t got the time to give it what it deserves, and my motivation is less, now that BB has moved on.

In more positive news, I heard from two friends this evening who are both undergoing cancer treatment – I was pleased to hear that both are doing well, and I must say it has helped me to put everything else in perspective.

Here are some colourful Edinburgh windows.

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