By Teasel


My alarm didn’t go off this morning, so I had a bit of a rush, but made it to the bus stop in time.  Unfortunately it was pouring again, but was dry by the time I got into Edinburgh.  A colleague phoned in to say she wouldn’t be in today as her son was under the weather, as I had planned some work with her, I found it hard to get going this morning, but by afternoon I was well into it.

Tonight I missed my bus home, as I think I must have misjudged my time and I got caught by a colleague as I was leaving the office.  I had to run across to Princes Street to catch a different bus, but I only had to wait a few minutes, so that was good timing and I got home around about the same time.  Unfortunately I stumbled very close to home and fell over.  I’m not sure if it was wet leaves, stones that had been washed on to the pavement by recent rain or a combination of both -  but I lost my footing somehow and ended on the ground.  At least it was dark.  Later I watched the first episode of Gold Digger, with my grazed and bruised leg causing me some discomfort.

I did pop out at lunchtime, but it was cold, damp and miserable again, so I didn’t wander far.  This construction in Princes Street gardens is the subject of much controversy at the moment.

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