If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

5 Years!

I almost said 5 glorious years but there are times when the inspiration runs away and you get blippers block and things don't feel so glorious.  MY first contact with blip was through my youngest daughter Katkatkat who joined blip so early that she qualified as a founder member when badges were being sold.  Clickychick missed that by a week or two.

I watched and commented as a guest for about 4 years resisting suggestions I should join.  Then when I was approaching my hip replacement CC suggested I would want to document the recovery.   So on the 13th December 2013 I published my first blip, the day before my first appointment.   In those days "archive blips didn't count as part of your total so I posted some.

Then came the great upheaval and now they count against the total so technically I have done 5 years.  I will celebrate again in December when/if I manage without missing a day then I will have a 5 year unbroken record.

I can't pass a milestone without recording my thanks to those running blip past and present.  Particularly Joe Tree who came up with the brilliant idea and was sufficiently generous to share his site with family and friend and then it sort of exploded into a worldwide phenomena.  Thanks are also due to all the blippers who respond to postings with never a wrong word or "raised voice" unlike some sites.

I never expected to post beyond roughly Easter 2014 when I was fully mobile and "back to normal".  Such is the addictive nature of blip that I can't see me stopping this side of the grim reaper.

Thanks to all past and present who make Blipfoto such a wonderful community and provide a reason for taking photos everyday.

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