By PaulShelley

A Conundrum

This afternoon there was a meeting with a school governor, residents and highway engineers from the two local councils involved. What to do about the traffic hazard on the corner. To make it more complicated the car is straddling the boundary between two London Boroughs. The residents either side have different views on the solution.

The road is a narrow two-way street and the corner is tight. Traffic gets jammed up negotiating the corner. A bell was installed a few years back to stop cars mounting the pavement . The pavement isn't wide enough for a mother and child to walk side by side so they spill onto the road. You can see the mum pushing her buggy. Its dangerous for all concerned. 

At school times the hooting and cussing by motorists all stuck in the gridlock is highly entertaining. But if you make it one-way , as was proposed a few years back, the traffic will go through faster and it will be more dangerous. And which way round would the residents want it? It almost happened 10 years ago but some residents objected so the scheme was dropped.You could put in a 20 mph speed limit which would help outside school hours. But at school time the traffic can only move at about 2 mph. You could have a closure at school times but that is expensive to administer. 

Me - I would close the road where the car's front wheels are. It would inconvenience me because I would have to make a long detour. But the overall situation would be much calmer. I don't think it would be popular.

And you thought Brexit was difficult.

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