Journey Through Time

By Sue

My Chicken Tile

So, totally lame blip. Just didn't get anything today that I liked. So, this tile, which I loved the minute I saw it in a gift store in Friday Harbor, Washington, keeps me company in my kitchen. It's my kitchen chicken, I guess. It was made in the UK, and it's a really nice tile. There were two that went together, but I liked this one. I think the other one looked too much like a fighting rooster, or something.

Anyway, today I went to get my teeth cleaned and came out okay. No cavities! This very young lady did a polish on my teeth before, Kathleen, the dental hygienist came to finish up the work. I asked her about Dancing with the Stars, which she didn't watch. I said that the winner, Melissa Rycroft reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore when she was a sweet young thing. They have a similar look, dark hair, brown eyes, a great smile. Except that young dental assistant girl didn't know who Mary Tyler Moore was. Honestly, I think there needs to be a class in school about some of the greats in Television. Breaks my heart that some people just don't have a clue about the talent of these brilliant entertainers. But this gal knew who Betty White was, so I had a small place to start on her MTM knowledge. Great show, great characters.

And that's it for today. Dinner is simmering. Sausage and onions and red bell peppers in barbecue sauce and a bit of beer. Served with tater tots. Boy, only top notch cuisine around here.

Catch ya later, my dears.

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