Journey Through Time

By Sue

Punk Rocker

This little Golden Crowned Kinglet was enjoying the bath, which made his little crown all cute and fuzzy. A flock of small birds came in and I could tell they were something different. I was able to get quite close to the birdbath, but I'm not all that happy with the way any of my photos came out. Something to work on - this getting things clear and focused. I didn't think I would have this much trouble with the upgraded 300 lens. I looked up this bird, found out what he was, and saw that it is common for these guys to travel in mixed flocks. So, several kinglets and chickadees were in the shrubs taking turns in the bath. You can see the chestnut-backed chickadee also enjoying the spa.

A nice day today, the last one for awhile. Well, unless you think rain is nice. Which it is, in it's own way. On occasion. Bill worked in the yard and I made a run for the store. Lasagna tonight and a stew in the works for later in the week, when the weather will demand something fragrant cooking on the stove.

That's about it from our corner of the world. Hope all is well.

See ya later.

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