Journey Through Time

By Sue

The Grass/Dewdrop Shot

I have totally admired the photographers who have captured the water drops in the grass. So this is my attempt. We had frost this morning so I hauled myself outside to see what I could do. I had several to choose from and David (son) picked this one. He is on vacation this week and he helped Bill put up some Christmas lights. Always entertaining for me to see them do this. It's a simple procedure this year and I just hope everything stays in place and doesn't come crashing down. Today was a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous day. Too bad we couldn't have done something fun...but it was a good day to get the lights on the house.

I fussed in the kitchen, cleaning the outside of the fridge and a few cabinets. We have a winter problem with those little tiny sugar ants and every year they find their way to my kitchen. And every year I get exasperated and frustrated and try to figure out how they are finding their way into the house. This is when I am ready to pack my bags and move somewhere else. Our house is sitting on a giant ant farm. Stupid little things.

Tonight is Dancing with the Stars, the Trailblazer game, Monday night Football game and I'm sure we will be keeping the remote control busy. I think the Blazer game is on earlier, so maybe that will be over with by the time the dancers do their thing. I love that silly show.

Son is going to go see Skyfall, and I'm immensely jealous. Oh well...I'll see it eventually.

Hope you are all okay, my blip friends. See ya later.

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