Journey Through Time

By Sue

The Artful Robin

I bundled up and headed to the Botanical Wildlife Garden and I found a lot of activity. There were more people there than I have ever seen, working in their garden areas. Thanks to these volunteers who love to garden, this place is a pretty nice place to visit. And there are plenty of Hawthorne trees to keep the robins happy. I had the wrong setting and rather blew out this image, but decided it was worth messing with in Picasa. So, this is the result. I hope my family pulls through and I get a new tripod for Christmas, as I can't hardly take a decent shot with my tripod anymore. It gets quite loosey goosey and wobbles. My birthday is in March so, if not Christmas then my birthday will be good excuse to get one. And then if my photos suck really look bad, then we will know it's more my fault and I am the one that wobbles.

Bill got the Christmas lights up yesterday, taking advantage of the dry weather. We won't turn them on until after Thanksgiving, but they are good to go.

See ya later, kids.

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