Journey Through Time

By Sue

Up on the Housetop

Not Santa Clause yet, just a neighbor of ours getting their house lights on. This is a nice family with three adorable kids. What I find interesting is this man has the exact same first and middle name as our son - David Patrick. And on our block, there is this David, and two more neighbors named Dave, plus our mailman Dave. We are hip deep in Davids around here. (Plus a couple on Blip, too! You know who you are.) I've loved that name since I was in 3rd grade and had a crush on a boy named David. I kept that name as my preferred name to name my baby boy, if I had one. I did and I did.

I went to the one and only camera shop in Clark County today. I got a new lens cap as I lost one. And I'm going to take my camera back in and they are going to clean the sensor for me. It's been two years since I got the camera, and I have two spots that apparently are on the sensor, since cleaning the lenses does no good. So, that will be nice to get it spiffed up.

So...That's it for today. Nothing very exciting. Hope all is well and Happy Thanksgiving (Thursday) for those that celebrate.

See ya

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