There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

And So It Begins

A major winter storm was predicted for the northeastern U.S. for Thursday into Friday, and it brought plenty of snow to central Pennsylvania. In some areas, the snow was mixed with ice and freezing rain, but where we live, it was mostly just snow. In the end, we got about a foot of the white stuff. It was our first major snow event of the winter season, not typical at all for November.

I took the bus to work, just to be safe, and when word came out in mid-morning that the University would be closing down just before lunchtime, I scrambled to get back to campus to catch the one mid-day bus that would take me home. (Yes, there are two buses in to town in the morning, one out at lunchtime, and then two outbound in late afternoon.)

This is what the scene looked like on campus, on the mall below the library. The snow had just begun around 10 am and these photos were taken around noon. There would be plenty more accumulation before it was done. The blue stuff on the ground is snow melt, of course. Isn't it appropriate that even the walkways at Penn State would be blue and white!?

Much to my delight, I found plenty of fall foliage left on campus. West Halls was especially colorful, with many pretty red trees. You may see a photo of the lovely red trees, with snow, in the extras.

There's been a Facebook meme going around about snow. It says: "If you choose not to find joy in the snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow." That's pretty true, I think. And you know how I am: whenever possible (and it is OFTEN possible), I choose joy. :-)

The song to go with this has to be about snow, so here's a fun one: Pentatonix, with Winter Wonderland/Don't Worry, Be Happy.

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