By iaint


Saturday has disappeared quickly.

It was just the usual routine of domestic chores… well, almost. 

Until maybe two years ago I usually ate a veggie breakfast at the farm shop on Saturdays. Then I stopped. I think it was because having a smoothie for breakfast most days had conditioned me to have less appetite in the morning. 

Today I was hungrier because I’d eaten dinner quite early on Friday, and I expected lunch to be later than usual, so I tried it again. Poached eggs, fried tomato and mushroom, beans and toast. They also added a suspicious looking thing which turned out to be a veggie sausage. It was dreadful, but the rest was delicious. The beans are organic with a fraction of the sugar which they pour into more commercial brands - totally different. 

I’ve tried a veggie burger before (awful too) and watched friends try (and fail) to eat meat substitute. Why bother?  

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