Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Moon over the Massan

At the end of a busy day and after all that polluted motorway yesterday, it was a joy to escape the suddenly east wind and walk up Glen Massan again. Right enough, we were late setting out, so that by the time we came to the fields and the village it was almost dark, but the moon was shining and the cold air was relatively still and there was no-one else there.

Do I prefer solitude? Not always. I need to talk to interesting people, to have a shared laugh, to see my family (which I don't, often enough). But I like to be able to choose my environment, and to know that I can avoid company I don't want, and that when I'm walking as briskly as I was today I'm still alive and doing my best to stay that way.

And Brexit, briefly, was on another planet.

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