Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sunset over Bute

I must get out earlier in the afternoon! But here's this afternoon's lovely sky above Bute and the Arran hills beyond, with the dark sea just visible in the foreground. It's been such a lovely day, though latterly with a perishing cold wind, and I had to spend most of it ether indoors (it was, after all, Sunday) or in a car. We had a visit from our Bishop to officiate at the morning Eucharist, followed by lunch in Colintraive for the vestries of our church (and I'm on that committee) and our linked charge on Bute, so that we could confer with said bishop over finding a new Rector for the two churches. Such is the nature of this part of the world that the Rothesay lot had to come over on the ferry while we had to drive 40 minutes over a single-track road to meet them.

By the time I got home the sun had more or less gone, but I was determined to get out, so here we were, walking along the beach road in the growing gloom under a completely clear sky with a large pale moon and this flaming sunset sky. The wind had increased and was bitingly cold on our faces as we returned - but I kept stopping to take photos. And then, in the middle of a live video I was making, I was joined online by #2 son who was in a taxi driving through central Paris; the two films together made an interesting contrast.

If someone does take this job up here, it should be someone who will enjoy this sort of thing  - not necessarily the shared videos, but certainly the scenery and the views and the wildness on our doorsteps ...

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