Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Trouble with a day like this is that it's difficult to find a photo. In Pilates in the morning I'm too busy grunting with the effort of the strength exercises or wobbling in an effort to maintain balance for an impossible length of time, and then I had to go out in haste to buy the ingredients for the Christmas cake that is really my only non-bread baking of the year. And then I didn't feel like going out again in the raw greyness and instead spent some time and quite a bit of money online, again with Christmas in mind.

So here is the ultimate Blip of Desperation: the weighed-out fruit for my cake, beginning its week-long sojourn soaking in sherry. We drank a little of the sherry too, and I tipped some of it into the spicy prawn noodles I improvised for dinner. 

Apart from that, I received the sad news that a friend - several years younger than me - has just died suddenly. And then comes the regret that you never did get round to meeting up for lunch and a walk ... Too late. 

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