Recording a moment

By chrisf

Pigeon Perch

I think everyone agrees that Piccadilly Gardens does not really work well as an important open space at the heart of a great city.

The reason for the piece of public art on the left of this blip, a bronze sculpture, is probably unknown to many who pass it. It’s official title is “Tree of Remembrance”, and on it’s trunk and branches are inscribed the names of all the Mancunian civilians who lost their lives in the bombings of the Second World War. For me, it is far too fussy for its purpose and does not really work.

But it is the perfect pigeon perch. About a hundred birds crowded together on its ledges, viewing the local action, including the lady feeding another group of the birds below.

Extra - I called in briefly at the Cathedral. 600 ceramic angels wings inscribed with messages have been commissioned to commemorate the 600th anniversary of the building’s recognition as a Collagiate Church in 2021. The first 100 or so are already hanging together near the altar.

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