By HeidiHH


We're in the process of changing our insurance companies. What a hassle!  Today we got so far that the cancellation letter to the current health insurance company is in the post and it's sent as a registered letter. And the application forms to the new company have been filled. Tomorrow we have a date at the bank and we'll see if we can get the cancellation of the payment to the old insurance company made in this branch or do we have to drive the 45min south to our current branch to get the payment cancelled. Also we are trying to change our branch here at the same time. That might result to all of our banking details to be changed even when it's the same bank.

And all this for only one insurance. 2 more left handle. In Finland if you change your insurance or switch companies the new company will handle all. Customer just signs on the dotted line. Also you can only get rid of your current company by noticing them at least 1 month before your automatically starting a new insurance year. You have to be vigilant to get it done. Miss the date and next change after a year!

After hot summer and now this rain season my garden is getting greener. Some of the succulents are growing in my eyes! That's fantastic! I've started all with so small plants and little bits that I've rooted and split to pieces to get more plants. It's been a long process, but it's finally starting to pay off!

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