By ArcLight

Full night

I took some more "half light" pictures today. It really gets light a lot later than Edinburgh. I got to work shortly after 9am, and it wasn't properly light even then. Mind you, this is quite a bit further north. Around 61 degrees north.

I returned home a bit later than yesterday, after a very good and productive day where quite a few new pieces were slotted into the jigsaw, and the whole picture came more into focus. Also, my head was a lot clearer than for days, or even weeks. I had a much needed "sleep of the dead" last night after feeling like I hit a wall around 2pm yesterday.

I took a version of this picture on a beautiful day in June (which is in the extras to this blip). They do make an effort in Finnish cities to make things look good in the dark winter nights. I haven't felt so inclined for the last two nights, but I think I'll be pushing Mr A for a proper evening wander tomorrow. He'll probably be persuaded by the prospect of going for a beer at the end. He did make me laugh out loud earlier on when he posted his blip. He's gone for #FinnstrollingTrump and #makeamericarakeagain.

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