Day trip

I had a quick day trip to Tampere to meet some people, and at the end there was enough time for a brief touristy wander around the city centre, and a drink in the sunshine. Here Tampere is doing its best to look like the "Manchester of the north", as it is sometimes known, except to my knowledge Manchester city centre doesn't have any rocky riverbeds in it. This is actually the overflow of the famous rapids, which are caused by the fact that the lake on the north east of the city centre is 18 metres higher than the one to the south west. The rapids themselves are in the extras.

When we got back to Helsinki, the city was thronging as there was a concert in Kaivopuisto right next to the station, and other happenings. 12th June is Helsinki Day, and there are always lots of events around the city. So it was good news that while we left the city under rainy grey skies in the morning, we returned to sunshine in the evening. We went for a burger, before returning here bushed - and straight to bed.

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