Common Enchantments

By MaryElizaR

A little color happening

The white tiny mums I have are turning a pale purply/pink color.  Might be getting too cold for them.   I am thinking about putting them in the ground and covering the roots good with pine straw and then when they die completely covering them to see if I can get them to come up next year.   They might!

I have had a lazy day today.   Got the turkey carcass in the crockpot making some broth for turkey noodle soup.   Have been reading a book all day!    A who did it and the murderer was caught by a big lie he told.  
Have one more book then it will be back to the library for me.

I had a new friend on Instagram offer to send me some knitted handwarmers that she makes.  I have commented and  watched her progress as she posted photos of making different colors of scarves and hand/wrist warmers and she sent me a personal message saying she wanted to send me a pair.   I know Instagram has some faults but there are good, kind, talented and friendly people there too just as there are on Blipfoto.    She does not have a bio on her site but from her posts and her other comments, she may be  in Germany.   I want to ask but don't want to be too nosy.  But I might!    I guess when I get a package then I will know for sure so I can send a thank you note to wherever she is!    

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