By PaulShelley

Camera Trumps

I called in at Hyde Park early this morning on my way to meet the Arts Society chums who were going on a guided walk of war memorials in Westminster. More about that in a mo.

Before the meet up I was desperate for a coffee so wandering along Piccadilly I happened on a tiny little café next to a swanky hotel opposite Green Park. At first there was just me in there. After a few minutes a couple came in with him holding a Canon 5D with a monster long lens. I made an admiring comment and we started chatting. Turned out that he and his partner were on holiday from Denver, Colorado and loving London. I should think the camera took up all his baggage allowance. Anyway I had to admit that his camera was somewhat more fab than mine. 

Then two chaps came in and squeezed past us onto a pair of window stools. One of them joined in the chat and also admired our new American chum's kit. He was holding his own camera- a Fujifilm XT3. Very nice and very recent. But then he produced from his bag- a Leica Q. Wow , the winner. We bowed down and genuflected at the wondrous camera. He was a professional and showed me his portfolio on his phone. All taken with the Q. Such wonderful pictures. He extolled the virtues of the Leica and now I desparately want one. But ouch they are pricey.

Anyway, I got him to pose for me with the camera.

After this it was a rush back to Hyde Park Corner to meet the others. We were treated to a state coach drive past, the President of Nigeria I think, before carrying on to admire the various war memorials scattered about. An amazing collection which you normally just drive past. See extras for the proof. 

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