One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Flexitime you say? Don't mind if I do?

Those bits and pieces over my 7h24m contracted daily hours, they actually go into a piggy bank. The flexitime piggy bank. And those little bits and pieces here and there add up. To a flexi Friday on the beach. 

Today was a day a million light years away from the Mistake Factory. The Mistake what? 

Talking about mistakes. Made a rather sizeable one today. When it looks that little bit too choppy to go kayaking, it should be read as a sign that it is too choppy to go kayaking, 
Climbing back onto an overturned kayak in choppy conditions is... tiring. It's a good thing I did not panic, because those rock were getting steadily closer. The 4th attempt to get back on, and not capsize again, was the good one. 
Lesson learned!
Until next time. 

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