By strawhouse


I felt a bit ropey this morning but nowhere near as bad as yesterday so we decided to go out and get some fresh air at Stowe.
We were aiming to get there before they stop serving food at 3pm. Unlike last time when we missed it.
Somehow we didn't leave home until 2.45pm! When we skidded into the car park six minutes later I let Mr K and the Little Misses out so they could dash in while I parked.
They got to the cafe to discover that most things had sold out (grrrrrrr!!!!) but they still had soup, pulled pork baps, bacon sandwiches and cake. So all was not lost!
By the time we headed down to the gardens it was getting dark and only then did I remember that the clocks have changed since we last went. Oops!!!
We had a lovely walk anyway. I've always remembered a woman telling me that you can get out even when they've locked the gates (it's a latch so you can just let yourself out!) so I wasn't too worried about the time.
When we were in the Secret Garden and the Little Misses were bouncing on their favourite "crocodile" log  (any excuse to look at an old, cute picture of the Little Misses with Mr L and Mr R!!!!) a man came out of the gloom and told us it was time to go. If you get locked in the Secret Garden then you have to scale a five foot fence which I suspect is easier said than done!!! No wonder the man checks there's no-one in there!
As we were the only ones walking back up to the car park - it was pretty much dark! - we let Archie off his lead and he had a lovely run.

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