Nature’s Tear

The last bit of autumn colour is leaving us

Went to Tetbury first thing which is always closer to home than I think. Walked round the shops and then walked around the old arboretum. Bobbed into the nearby veg place to get some onions and leeks for some soup I want to make, talk about freshly picked - amazing produce!

Later went to Nailsworth and then onto Stroud. In Nailsworth I got a lovely second hand dress from a charity shop and a skirt which I’ll likely wear to death! I went on to Stroud and despite intending to bob in for 40 mins I was nearly 2 hours!

I didn’t bother with much of the ‘Black Friday’ weekend sale stuff. I find it a bit ridiculous and distasteful that shops have gig so sucked into it, i noticed some stuff seemed to go up in price a few weeks and then get ‘cut’ to sale price (the price it was before!)

Today I discovered the delights of Darjeeling and lemon (I’ve never had it that way before - it’s gorgeous). I bought some chocolate cherries from Oxfam (they are the best but expensive so I just imagine I’m giving a decent donation).

Last night I rediscovered some Slade classics and heard the song ‘Universe ‘ for the first time, not a patch on ‘How does it feel’ but worth a listen :-) Dads Xmas gift is sorted!

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