Black Legged White Dog

Gollum and I had an exciting morning. 

Gollum had been invited to be The White Dog at a Nose Work Class 2 Trial. The White Dog is a dog that does not compete, but test all the searches before the competition starts. 

Nose Work is a dog sport created to mimic professional detection dog tasks. The dogs must find a hidden target odor and alert the handler. 

There are four elements in a Nose Work Trial (container search, interior search, exterior search and vehicles) with 1 - 2 hides in each element.

Gollum did excellen in the container search and found both hides. The interior was difficult and he didn't manage to find any of the hides, but he worked hard, as you can see in my picture from today. He found one of the hides in the vehicle search. And I marked the wrong spot in the exterior - I thought he had found a hide, but I misunderstood him and alerted the judge too soon. 

All in all a challenge for us, but a good day and we learned lots. 

I did some easier searches with him later on the day, just to give him a confidence boost after the high difficulty in the morning.

Helle came to support us in the morning and we met with her again later on the day for some training. 

I have 3 tired dogs now. It has been a busy, but good day for all.

Happy Sunday
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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